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    Android apps

    Take advantage of the knowledge I built over the years. You can hire me as freelance developer for your project, but I'm also ready to manage your projects from start to end as a subcontractor. Read more

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    Java applications

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About Mobility ICT Solutions

Young, dynamic, creative

Hi, my name is Jurgen Simons. I founded Mobility ICT Solutions, which consists of two parts.
First of all Mobility ICT Lab, which is a container for my innovative projects based on home grown idea's. Currently there are two projects in the lab.
The second part are my services towards other companies, offering them to take advantage of the knowledge I built over the years. I've got 5+ years experience on Java and 3+ years on Android and besides that I'am particularly experienced in mobile audio/video/image processing and transmission. I like to add a creative touch to all solutions. I can work as freelancer in your team but I can manage your project from start to end as a subcontractor as well.